Nature has been a source of inspiration and solace for photographer, Carol Stauffer, all of her life. As a child, she spent much time in the rural community of Terre Hill, Pennsylvania, "tuning in" to the sights, sounds, rhythms, and seasons of country life. With Brownie camera in hand, she began a life-long exploration of the natural world around her.

As a young adult her desire to connect more deeply with all that she saw and felt, led her to study art and dance while pursuing a degree in Elementary Education and later a Master's Degree in Dance Therapy. Her passion to create vehicles for her own self-expression supported her work as a dance therapist with special populations and a choreographer for childrens' theater and liturgical dance programs.

In 2003 she followed her belief in the healing ability of mind, body and spirit into the field of Massage Therapy and soon after began an intensive period of self-exploration through Soul Drama/Psycho Drama. It was through this transformational work that she fully embraced her gift for photography and began to look at her work with greater sensitivity and awareness. In doing this she began to see and feel the spiritual messages that were captured in her photographs: The hope in a spectacular sunrise or the moment of clarity and beauty flashed in the pink heat of lightning amidst a dark, troubled sky.

Her work speaks to your soul and the message is clear, "We are not alone." The natural world is God's gift to us—a living canvas of beauty, harmony and much wisdom. Carol's deepest desire is to inspire all who view her work to open their eyes and their hearts to receive these gifts. It is with a spirit of gratitude for all the many gifts she has received, that she shares her work with you.

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